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Thank you for choosing NasalCare Nasal Rinse. Our innovative irrigator provides an easily controlled comfortable cleansing that has helped many patients who suffer from nasal allergies and sinus problems. Its one-way liquid and air valves work in tandem to provide a nasal rinse without backwash. The anti-backwash feature allows a simple rinse of the NasalCare cap to clean. We even include a dust preventive lid to ensure good hygiene for storing and travel use. Our scientifically formulated all natural nasal rinse solution soothes and moisturizes your nose without stinging or burning. Nasal rinse products like neti pots are messy and you do risk re-infection from using backwash-prone bottles. NasalCare has a clearly Superior system for treating your nasal-sinus conditions.  Most people feel and breathe better after the first try, we feel confident you will too. So we offer a Money Back Guarantee if after five rinses you have no relief return for refund and pay only for shipping and handling. Please view our customer comments.

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