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A Better System

The NasalCare Application Advantage

NasalCare uses the first patented Anti-Backwash technology that allows the solution to flow only into the sinuses, not back into the bottles as with other squeeze bottles. Breathe better on the first try! NasalCare® Nasal Rinse Starter Kit is the first, patented, and FDA-registered nasal irrigation system that overcomes those challenges and obstacles to keep our “air filter” in healthy working condition for both preventative and therapeutic benefits.

With its anti-backwash, dual-valve design and scientifically formulated solution mix, nasal irrigation has never been easier, comfortable, relaxing, and effective. It also includes a protective cap to keep bacteria and debris from entering while it is not in use.

A Better Solution

The NasalCare Solution Premix

Improving on regular saline made of table salt, found in other irrigation kits, the patented formulation contains:

• Mineral-rich sea salt, proven better than regular salt
• Soothing aloe vera extract
• CO2 producer (sodium bicarbonate) for better allergy relief (20)
• Buffering citric acid/sodium citrate
• pH balanced
• Friendlier to your sensitive, fragile nasal lining than regular saline
• More effective in cleansing than regular saline
• No stinging, burning or nasal dryness
• Soothing and moisturizing
• Helps to prevent nosebleeds
• All natural, free of preservatives, iodine and latex
• So safe that even pregnant women and children can enjoy it all the time

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