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1. Wash your hands. Remove the clear dust cover, then remove the cap from the bottle. Open one NasalCleanse Premium Pre-Mix and pour all of the contents into the bottle. Make sure the tube is inserted firmly onto the liquid valve on cap.

2. Fill the bottle with lukewarm distilled, previously boiled, sterile or filtered (0.2 micron filter) water to 8oz (240ml) line.  Screw the cap tightly onto the bottle. Shake the bottle a few times to dissolve the pre-mix.  Note: The bottle filled with solution can be warmed in a microwave oven without the cap. The time needed to warm solution varies depending on the make/model of your microwave. We recommend warming in increments of no more than five (5) seconds so that excessive heating is avoided. Over-heating will damage the bottle.

3. Bend over a sink and lower your head down. Open your mouth and place the nostril fitting snugly into one nostril. Breathe through the mouth, not the nose, while washing. Squeeze the bottle slightly, just enough to allow the solution to flow into your nose. Squeeze and release repeatedly, in about half second spurts.Doing so makes the washing process more efficient. Do not squeeze the bottle all the way in one motion. This will impairs the function of the air valve and creates negative pressure and makes it hard to use the bottle afterward.

4. Gently blow the nose to get rid of the mucus and liquid

5. Repeat step 3 in the other nostril.


Removing Residual Water:

It is common to have a small amount of solution drain from the nose after washing. To get rid of the residual water, it is recommended that you bend over and point your nose toward the knees, shake your head gently, raise your head slowly a few droplets of water may run down. Repeat this head lowering and raising action till no more liquid is coming out. Some residual water may cause a few sneezes but will not do harm to your health. Nasal rinse can be done at any time you want. For users with nasal problems, we recommend doing nasal rinse twice a day, once in the morning and once after your evening meail, or before you brush your teeth and wash your face, or as recommended by your physician. For users without nasal problems, rinsing nose once a day can provide general nasal hygiene.

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