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NasalCare® Nasal Rinse Starter Kit is the first device equipped with dual-valve anti-backwash technology, patented, and FDA-registered nasal irrigation system that overcomes those challenges and obstacles to keep our “air filter” in healthy working condition, and offers both preventative and therapeutic benefits.

Along with the scientifically formulated solution mix, nasal irrigation has become easier, comfortable, relaxing, and effective. It also includes a protective cap to keep bacteria and debris from entering while it is not in use.

  • FDA registered for nasal irrigation
  • Much better than neti pots
  • Superior to the other squeeze bottles
  • More user-friendly, better cleansing
  • pH balanced with citric acid and sodium citrate
  • Sea salt with aloe vera
  • Soothing, comfortable, and effective

Liquid valve:
Solution can only flow into the sinuses, not back into the bottle

Air valve:
Prevents negative pressure from crushing the bottle, allows solution to continually flow into the sinuses for efficient cleaning

Two valves, not a single air valve, must work together to truly avoid backwash and maintain continual cleanse.

Working in tandem, the two valves:

  • Automatically stops backwash
  • Allow solution to continually flow for more effective, thorough and gentle cleansing
  • Allow an easy maintenance system; without back-wash caused contamination, a quick rinse is all that’s needed (“backwash bottles” require many steps of cleaning)

Additional benefits:

  • Easily controlled positive pressure
  • Large volume 240 ml (8 oz)
  • Head remains in comfortable upright position
  • Wide opening, easy to add premix
  • Can be used in conjunction with any medication a patient may be prescribed for other conditions; while other nasal therapies are often with interactive side effects
  • Very safe, No risk of allergy
  • Reduces mucosal swelling and improves cilia self-cleaning function
  • Enhances smell function
  • You may experience relief usually at the first try!